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Take a few minutes to check out our guide and learn what to expect from the process and get linked to other valuable resources that will be helpful for you throughout the process.

School Bus


We know that schools are an important factor for families with children. Learn about the public and private school options in and around Marblehead, MA

 by clicking here.

Leasing a Home


The home inspection is your chance to learn everything you can about a home before going through with the purchase. We’ve compiled a list of qualified home inspectors who work in Marblehead. Click here for more information on home inspectors.

home keys


The closing process may seem confusing but we are here to help. This buyer's closing guide explains each step you will go through to purchase your dream home. Click here for more information on home buying.

Credit Assessment


Unless you have the money available to purchase your home with cash, you will need a mortgage. Our buyers have worked with many qualified mortgage officers who can help you choose the right  mortgage and get the best interest rates.

“The Cressy Team was professional, experienced and on top of everything.  I felt confident relying on their advice.  They were well-prepared for all situations and contingencies.  Marketing was exceptional.  I was well informed at all times.  There were no surprises.  I recommend them highly and without reservation.”  

– T. Treiber


Carole, Eric and Lori have been the number one producing real estate team in the Marblehead area over the last decade. Our unique team approach allows us to focus our attention on specific duties and responsibilities relating to showings, marketing, advertising, inquiry follow-up, and customer service. Why hire just one agent when for no additional charge you can leverage the power of four? Contact us today.


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